COVID-19 Update from Dr. Roland Sing

COVID-19 Update from Dr. Roland Sing

Dr Roland Sing Gentle Procedures Toronto Covid 19 UpdateOur offices remain closed, with our team dispersed to home offices. You can reach us by phone at our usual number for new bookings or inquiries.

The medical community can interact with their patients by phone, so we are now performing consultations and follow up visits by phone when appropriate.

Our staff remain working at their homes and are managing the calls and emails.

I’ve spoken to many of our patients so far, and I am pleased that they are either staying at home or working from home.

Social Distancing is Critical

I want to emphasize that isolation and social distancing are very important.

  • Cases of community spread are now well documented, meaning that the infected person does not have a history of travel or exposure. They could have contracted the disease from anywhere, because we know that the virus can live in droplets for many hours or longer.
  • If a person is infected with Covid 19 and they isolate, the virus stops with them. If that same person does not isolate, as per my previous video posting each infected person can infect 2-3 others.
  • People who don’t take the virus seriously believe that they are low risk. We are getting reports now of ICU admissions and deaths for patients who are in their 20s and 30s.
  • If you were infected and did fine but didn’t isolate, you could still infect someone that could become very sick or worse.

Information is Helpful

Now that you might have a little more time, and now that the electricity rates have been decreased by the Premier, consider viewing the videos to educate yourself more on Covid-19.

I found these videos to be very good at describing the virus, and at outlining the challenges we face against it.

I hope you find them useful.

Take care.

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